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Preserving and Sustaining Southern Wisconsin Deer Hunting traditions

Chronic Wasting Disease:
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December 24, 2016

The Wisconsin Uplands Deer Management Group is a conservation organization assisting Southern & Eastern Wisconsin landowners and hunters in their stewardship of the land and wildlife while advancing the sport of deer hunting. It is affiliated with the national Quality Deer Management Association. Among its activities are an annual spring banquet, co-sponsoring the Hollandale Deer Classic, and developing and testing deer food plot seed mixes blended for Wisconsin's climate and soil types for sale to the general public.

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2016 Wisconsin Uplands Food Plot Workshop and Seed Sale Day... Feb 28, 2016

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March 10, 2016

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The Uplands area of Wisconsin earned this name for its unique geological features of steep hills, deep valleys, streams, frequent rock outcroppings, dense woods, and rich bottom-land that frequently host dairy and beef farms. It covers much of what is known as the "driftless area" - topography that escaped the advance of the Wisconsin glacier. Geographically the area is bounded on the east about 10 miles west of Madison, running south through Monroe to the state line, then running west to the Mississippi River and north to LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

The Uplands area provides some of the best whitetail deer habitat in the nation - and also the locus of great challenges: controlling & managing the deer population to achieve a balance with other forms of wildlife, protect against the spread of disease (including CWD),Aldo Leopold and preserve a deer hunting tradition in the face of forces that threaten it. It is against this backdrop of challenges that the Uplands Branch and conservation association was formed.

The Uplands geography also encompasses "Sand County" and Aldo Leopolds' legendary “Shack” where Aldo Leopold hunted white-tailed deer with bow and arrow and wrote his most creative essays ever on the principles and practice of deer management. In one of them he wrote:



“To the deer hunter or the outdoorsman, deer are the inner meaning of forested terrain. Their presence or absence does not affect the outward appearance of the forest, but does mightily affect our reaction toward it. Without deer tracks in the trail and the potential presence of deer at each new dip and bend of the trail, the forest would be, to the outdoorsman, an empty shell, a spiritual vacuum.”


As we pursue the precepts of QDM we will follow in the footsteps of John Muir’s profound passion for nature; we will abide by Aldo Leopold’s stringent insistence on maintaining ecological integrity when managing deer herds.

Wisconsin Uplands Deer Plot Brassica Blend


< < < Wisconsin Uplands President Joe Bunker shows off one of the successful deer food plot blends developed and sold by Wisconsin Uplands. Go Here for more info on our annual deer food plot seed sale and for helpful tips on creating and managing successful food plots in Wisconsin and nearby states.


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Assisting Wisconsin landowners and hunters in their stewardship of the land and wildlife
while advancing the sport of deer hunting.
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