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Rob in his office at deer valley

In 1979, Robert Wegner received his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin—Madison where he was trained as a cultural historian. After studying at the University of Heidelberg, West Germany and a short-term teaching career at the University of Wisconsin, he became the editor and co-owner of Deer & Deer Hunting magazine. After the magazine was sold to Krause Publications in 1992, he became a free-lance writer specializing in the cultural history of white-tailed deer and deer hunting.

His award-winning work has appeared in such magazines as Hunt Club Digest, Wisconsin Sportsman, Pennsylvania Game News, Michigan Sportsman, Fir, Fish, Game, Quality Whitetails, Whitetail Hunting Strategies, Wisconsin Outdoor Journal and many others. His landmark book trilogy, Deer & Deer Hunting, has sold more than 100,000 copies. Fred Bear referred to this three-volume work as “a classic in American hunting literature.”

Legendary Deer Camps (2001), part of The Classics Series from Deer & Deer Hunting magazine, won the 2003 Excellence in Craft Award from the Outdoor Writers’ Association of America. In his review of the book, Dr. James Swan, author of In Defense of Hunting writes: “Weaving together his love of deer hunting with his professional training as a historian, he has become the dean of the history of deer hunting in the United States.”

In reviewing Legendary Deerslayers (2004) for the magazine Sporting Classics, historian Dr. James Casada calls the book “a must for the avid deer hunter. By telling us where we have been in the sport as viewed through the eyes of deerslayers par excellence, it provides a fuller understanding of how we got to where we are today and where we might be going as hunters. Add this book to your shelves or coffee table, and as you do so, I’m sure you will join me in tendering a vote of thanks to Wegner for his stellar efforts in probing, then perpetuating, our rich deer-hunting legacy.”

Rob concluding a successful bow hunt

Wegner resides in Deer Valley, a secluded land filled with whitetails and wild turkeys in the heart of “The Uplands,” in Southwestern Wisconsin with his wife, Maren, and daughter, Serena. He currently writes a regular column for Deer & Deer Hunting magazine on Our Whitetail Heritage, serves as the Series Editor for Stackpole Books’ Classics of American Sport and is finishing volume three of a trilogy Legendary Deer Hunts – to be published by Krause Publications in 2006. Wegner has studied, observed and hunted whitetails for more than 40 years.

He is a life-long member of the Quality Deer Management Association and a former member of their Board of Directors. He also serves as the Vice President of The Uplands Branch of the Quality Deer Management Association.


Rob's 2005 Gun Hunt Success


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